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  • MLS Laser Therapy

    Table Mountain Foot and Ankle is one of five clinics to feature this technology. --> Learn More

  • Table Mountain is in the area of both offices and is on the NW side of Denver; it's in Golden where Dr. Valenti grew up.
  • Dr. Still performing surgery
  • Table Mountain Foot and Ankle Clinic proudly serves the Denver Metro Area.
  • Whether visiting our Lakewood or Wheat Ridge Clinic, our podiatrists and clinic staff provide excellent care.
  • Drs. Valenti and Still of Table Mountain Foot and Ankle Clinic
  • Our friendly staff is committed to your care.

Welcome to Table Mountain Foot & Ankle Clinic

Specializing in Primary & Surgical Care of the Foot & Ankle

If you are looking for a podiatrist in the Metro Denver area we have three podiatric physicians and two locations to serve you. Our two locations are in Wheat Ridge and Lakewood.

Mission Statement

The goal of Table Mountain Foot and Ankle Clinic is to provide timely and compassionate care leading to improved experiences in foot and ankle healthcare.

Foot and ankle pain is not normal

Many common foot problems are easily treatable. The foot and ankle are the most neglected parts of our bodies. Over a lifetime they endure an incredible amount of abuse. Our office has advanced diagnostic modalities and treatment plans. Compassionate care in a friendly environment is our primary concern.

Advanced Medical Care

Whether your foot and ankle problem is old or new, simple or complex, let us relieve your pain. If you have diabetes you should see a podiatric physician regularly to prevent significant problems from arising. With offices in Wheat Ridge and Lakewood the physicians at Table Mountain Foot & Ankle offer the full range of care from conservative treatments to well planned surgery to get you pain free.

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US Neuropathy Centers Affiliated Practice

We have proven expertise in the diagnosis and management of peripheral neuropathy. Discover more by clicking on the UNSC badge.

Common Conditions and Treatments

Below are some common foot and ankle problems that we treat. Please click on any of the common problems to explore more information.

MLS Laser Therapy

Table Mountain Foot & Ankle has added Multiple Lock System (MLS) laser services to our practice as an additional modality to treat difficult conditions such as chronic plantar fasciitis, Achilles and Peroneal tendon injuries, chronic wounds and peripheral neuropathy or nerve injury. This technology was FDA cleared in 2009 with no known side effects and we are seeing great results for our patients. It creates results through 4 main benefits; pain control, reduction in edema (swelling), reduction in inflammation and most importantly promotes cellular healing. It promotes cellular healing by affecting mitochondrial production of ATP and does so by penetrating tissue to a depth 2-2 ¼ inches.

Dr. Still of Table Mountain Foot & Ankle in Metro Denver, Colorado, talks about MLS laser therapy for the practice.

About Your Care

care1Podiatric physicians are the premiere specialists for medicine and surgery of the foot and ankle in the U.S. Podiatrists receive a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (D.P.M.) from one of seven accredited podiatric medical schools in the country. Podiatric medical school is four years in length after one completes a science or pre-medical bachelor degree program. Podiatrists are defined as physicians and have the ability to prescribe pharmaceuticals and perform surgery. In the state of Colorado podiatrists are licensed and regulated by the department of regulatory agencies under physicians.

After completing podiatric medical school, podiatrists go through residency training in an accredited hospital. Residency programs range from two to three years. Residency programs focus on medicine and surgery of the foot and ankle in close relation with other physicians and resident physicians in orthopedics, family practice, internal medicine, infectious disease, endocrinology, emergency medicine, general, vascular and plastic surgery.

Podiatric physicians vary in the types of surgery they perform and care they provide. They often work closely with your primary care doctor to provide the best and most appropriate care possible for foot and ankle problems. The physicians at Table Mountain Foot and Ankle Clinic have certain areas that they treat often and have a special interest in. For example Dr. Valenti performs a high volume of bunion surgery and difficult foot and leg wounds. Dr. Still often treats nerve entrapments of the foot and ankle as well reconstructive rearfoot and ankle surgery.  All of the physicians at the clinic are very experienced in wound care and treatment of difficult wounds of the lower leg and foot.

The podiatric physicians at Table Mountain Foot & Ankle Clinic all believe in a TEAM approach to healthcare. We believe that working with your primary care physician and other specialists in areas such as infectious disease, interventional cardiology, radiology, vascular and orthopedics are important to the care you receive at Table Mountain Foot & Ankle Clinic. All of the physicians at Table Mountain Foot & Ankle Clinic utilize advanced modalities and techniques in the office as well as surgery. Examples are use of skin substitutes and bioengineered tissue for difficult or chronic wounds. Musculoskeletal ultrasound and non-invasive vascular testing can be done in the office. Custom foot orthotics are used very often to help treat a wide variety of foot and ankle conditions.

As surgeons the physicians at Table Mountain Foot & Ankle Clinic have privileges to perform surgery at a variety of facilities. Please see their bios on the site for the locations where they perform their surgeries.

Meet Your Doctors

The goal of your doctors is to provide you with the utmost compassion and attention in podiatric care.

About the Practice & Practice History

table-mountain-foot-and-ankle clinic-our-practiceDr. Valenti began working at the Wheat Ridge site of Allied Foot & Ankle Clinics in 1999. In 2007 he took over the practice from Allied Foot & Ankle and it was renamed Table Mountain Foot & Ankle. In September 2013 Dr. Still joined the practice, merging his nearby practice in Arvada and Golden. In January 2014 the Lakewood location of Allied Foot and Ankle Clinics was purchased by Table Mountain Foot and Ankle Clinic.

Accepted Insurance Plans

  • Aetna **If HMO will need a referral from PCP for office visit and xrays
  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • HMO Colorado **Requires a referral from PCP
  • Humana (certain plans)
  • Cigna **some plans require a referral from PCP
    • Great West Cigna
  • Medicare (Regular and Railroad plans)
  • Medicare supplements plan (i.e. AARP, Banker’s Life, etc.)
  • Rocky Mountain HMO
  • Tricare (Standard and Tricare 4 Life)
  • United Healthcare
    • Medicare advantage plans: Primary Physician Partners, New West Physicians, Denver Metro Proprietary. **most plans require a referral from PCP
  • Self Pay patients (discounted rate)

We do not participate with HMO’s through the health reform website. Please verify that we are covered under your specific plan.

Patient Handouts

Patient Packet

For your convenience and to save time at your next appointment, please view and download our Patient Packet.
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Here are stretches that our doctors refer to regularly.
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Patient Testimonials

“My experience with MLS laser therapy was amazing after spending thousands on various treatments with little success, I felt immediate pain relief after my first laser treatment. I did 6 sessions on both feet and have had tremendous ongoing results and pain relief. I had chronic plantar fasciitis on my right foot and increasing pain with more recent onset of plantar fasciitis on my left foot. I can now walk with no pain and will be hiking again this Summer. I might even try running again.
I am nearly 100% improved and beyond satisfied with the results. I have been an active person my entire life and my plantar fasciitis was debilitating. I tried so many things before and after I saw Dr. Still. I decided to try the MLS laser therapy at Table Mountain Foot & Ankle and I felt significant relief after one session. I am 99% pain free at this time and my feet feel amazing. I have not regressed and finished the laser treatments several weeks ago. I have recommended this treatment to friends, family and even strangers!” May 2016

Heidi S.Golden, CO

“I’m telling you that laser really works. It got my wound healed in 6 visits when it wasn’t making much progress with weekly office visits for 2 months prior”. April 2016

John H.Evergreen, CO

Footnotes - Our Blog

Footnotes is a patient education blog written and updated every few months.

Why you should never go barefoot through airport security!


Why you should never walk barefoot through airport security

Have you ever wondered if you should walk barefoot through a TSA screening site at an airport. Often we have socks on and you leave them on but during Summer months, vacations to warm climates or just for the convenience of it we wear sandals and take them off and stroll through security barefoot for several minutes right where thousands of other people walk barefoot also! You should probably keep your socks on! Read more

Common Summer Foot Problems


Life is all about balance. Work vs. family time, exercise vs. overdoing it, pain relief vs. addiction. Every day we make choices that affect our quality of life. We want to highlight some common summer foot problems where balance is important. To know how to care for feet in Summer, let’s take a look as some of the pros and cons of five warm weather foot habits. Read more

Plantar Fasciitis

November, 2015

plantarWith the recent injury to Peyton Manning’s foot, ‘Plantar Fasciitis’ has become a popular question from patients of late. This is the first time I have gotten questions from patients about plantar fasciitis who are not afflicted with heel pain themselves. They are asking me to show them diagrams and predict when he will be back. They are simply curious about the condition and have taken an interest since the future Hall of Fame quarterback for the Denver Broncos has been sidelined by an injury to his plantar fascia. Read more

Achilles Tendonitis

achilesIf you are working out more often in 2015 due to a New Year’s Resolution or just want to get in shape and are experience pain in or around your Achilles tendon don’t ignore it.  Seek treatment for Achilles tendon pain and utilize rest and ice.  If neglected or ignored the tendon can develop stubborn tendonitis or even have tears in the tendon.  Achilles tendon injuries take a long time to heal and can be very , very frustrating.  If left untreated a strained Achilles tendon may worsen over time and cause even more time off from working out or activities.  Seek attention at our office.

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Table Mountain is doing a Holiday sock drive for the Homeless of Denver. This was done last year and we found that one of the biggest needs of our homeless population is socks in Winter.

The staff and physicians will deliver these to the Homeless at 3rd week of December -please consider donating a new pair of socks ! Thank you. A small gift goes a long way for these people! We have boxes in the lobby of each office.
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Drs. Still, Valenti and Dirlam have all made a pledge to reduce the abuse of prescription opioids by signing "The Turn the Tide Pledge" created by the US Surgeon General to reduce the excessive use of opioids in medicine. ... See MoreSee Less

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Dr Still & family helping serve 1,100 sack lunches to the Denver Homeless today #Denver Impact
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Dr Still & family helping serve 1,100 sack lunches to the Denver Homeless today #Denver Impact

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